The Summit Exhibit is the best opportunity to share your products and services with EEBA Summit attendees! The 2024 EEBA Summit will be held both in-person in Salt Lake City, UT as well as virtually through the Whova online event platform which provides the capabilities for virtual trade-show booths. We will have 56 in-person exhibitor booths! To view sponsorship opportunities, click here. For questions about reserving a booth or the EEBA Summit, please contact Elizabeth at

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Virtual booths through the Whova online event platform allow attendees to view live-streams, pre-recorded videos, photos, claim coupons, enter raffles for prizes and more. Live chat and breakout room functionalities also allow sponsors one-on-one interaction with attendees. Watch the video below to learn more about these virtual booths and Whova's lead generation capabilities.


Quality over quantity is what exhibiting at EEBA is about. It's not just about collecting business cards. The connections I make at EEBA actually lead to real business opportunities.
It is one of the best opportunities to connect with government, manufacturers, energy raters and builders all at the same event.
It was a much better environment to ask more detailed questions and get a thorough response. Ability to have their full attention as well and not just trying to gather things from an elevator pitch in the exhibitor area.
Highly valuable!

ACT Inc. D'MAND Systems
Booth #: 324

Booth #: 1312

Booth #: 320, 1314

Booth #: 321

Booth #: 1104

Daikin Comfort Technologies
Booth #: 116, 118

Delta Faucet Company
Booth #: 227

Dorken Systems Inc.
Booth #: 611

Booth #: 520

EcoSmart Stud
Booth #: 323

Booth #: 1310

Booth #: 1213

Enertech Global, LLC
Booth #: 526

EPA | Indoor airPLUS
Booth #: 420

Extreme Panel Technologies
Booth #: 617

Booth #: 1323, 1325

GAF Energy
Booth #: 1301, 1303

Booth #: 112, 114

NEEA/ Partnership-for-advanced-window-solutions
Booth #: 1109

Pacific6 Innovations
Booth #: 1215

Panasonic Eco Systems
Booth #: 619, 621

Premier Building Systems: R-Control & Premier SIPS
Booth #: 1319, 1320

Resideo Technologies Inc
Booth #: 221

Rheem Manufacturing
Booth #: 326

Rheia, LLC.
Booth #: 120


Booth #: 1220

Schneider Electric
Booth #: 121, 220

Booth #: 522

Source 2050
Booth #: 1222

Booth #: 1114

Stego Industries
Booth #: 1309

Sunnova Energy International
Booth #: 325, 327

Booth #: 421